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What's this page all about?

We are so excited that you want to join Cheerfully Given, and we'd love to have you!

On this page, you'll find all of the details you need to know regarding selling on Cheerfully Given, whether it's what's included, our terms and conditions, or some FAQs. There's an explanatory video above from our founder & managing director, Menekse, as well as a tour of the seller training portal (which is a bonus we are thrilled to share with the community!). 

If you're still excited to join us by the time you've digested this information, or if you have any follow-up questions, please email us at

Please note that this web page is completely confidential, and should ONLY be shared with people within your business or organisation. Please do not share this page with anybody outside your business or organisation.

What kind of products can you sell on Cheerfully Given?

Our website is a platform for Christian products - that is, products that can lead you into a conversation about Jesus straight off the bat. Whether it's a piece of imagery that people ask about on your wall, or a section of your planner devoted to praise, we want people to be able to buy products from Cheerfully Given that are going to help them share the life of Jesus with those around them in a verbal, tangible way.

We support you selling your wider range of products on platforms such as Etsy and Not on the High Street, but we want Cheerfully Given to encourage conversations about the Living God. 

Menekse, our founder, has some words on this:

"Some of you may know that my dad is a Muslim, and my Turkish family are all Muslim. It's always been important to me to have visual displays of my faith included in my home decor, so that if I can't speak, my walls can! Equally, we get so many people who may come into our home and ask about a particular piece of art - sharing the story behind it, and the meaning of it, is such an easy way to share Jesus.

Since setting up Cheerfully Given, I have had more opportunities to share the news of Jesus than the rest of my life combined. So many non-Christians are interested in what and why I do what I do, and it's a joy to share the vision and mission behind it.

We live in an age where we may feel apologetic for views that go against the majority, so being able to provide a way for people to easily share their faith because of the beautiful things you create is SUCH a privilege.

It isn't about adding on a Bible verse to a product to "make it Christian" - it's about knowing that Jesus is in EVERY part of our lives and taking any opportunity we can to create conversation, to share a word of encouragement, and to live our lives for Him.

Often, we give gifts at life's most meaningful or poignant moments - whether it's a baptism gift for a small child or new Christian, an encouragement gift for someone going through chemotherapy, a 40th birthday present, a bereavement gift, a wedding present. You never know how a carefully chosen word will impact someone's life. 

This verse from Stuart Townend's song, Love Incarnate, sums up our prayer as a community: 

Love Incarnate, Love Divine,
Captivate this heart of mine,
Till all I do
Speaks of You."

Selling with Cheerfully Given is more than just a platform. I've found it to be a place where real friendships are made, where advice is given with grace and joy, a community where sellers really do champion each other and support each other through sales as well as likes and comments. It is an honour to journey with these creatives. One I hope never to take for granted.

— April of AprilMADE

So, what's included when you sell on Cheerfully Given?

In a nutshell: 

  1. You have a Cheerfully Given shop-front for your creative business. 
  2. We do lots of marketing and provide you with shedloads of behind-the-scenes-support.
  3. You make sales and get paid (automatically!).

But it's so much more than that: 

- We promote the community at an array of UK events, whether we are speaking at them, exhibiting at them, or collaborating with them.

- We'll give you a wide range of support to sell your products beyond Cheerfully Given, whether it's subsidised professional product photography, information about up-and-coming trends and product gaps, or helping you get your first five bricks-and-mortar stockists!

- On the photography note, we provide subsidised product photography with Holly Booth, one of the UK's best product photographers. We'll send you more information once you've joined!

- We have a comprehensive marketing strategy that reaches as many people as possible across digital and analogue channels. Menekse is an international marketing consultant, with clients in Canada, New York, Hawaii, London, Manchester, and Italy, and she loves using those gifts to champion and cheerlead the Cheerfully Given seller community!

- Daily and weekly features of the Cheerfully Given community, including you and your products, across our digital channels.

- Opportunities to work with some of the UK's biggest Christian organisations. We are slowly building relationships with more and more of the largest organisations in the Christian sector, having worked with UCB, 40acts, Tearfund, Compassion, and Christian Aid. We get asked for freelance referrals, giveaway opportunities, and stories by media outlets including UCB, Premier, Compassion, Tearfund, and 40acts. 

- We have a seller portal (check out the video tour below!) that provides monthly training and challenges to help you move your business forward, as well as providing resources, recommendations, and community support for you as you and your business grow!

- In-person events, including retreats, networking gatherings, and more.

- Private community support from a group of the UK's loveliest Christian creatives, including access to a closed Facebook group, a Slack channel, prayer triplets, mentoring groups, and regular interaction on your social media channels. 

- Personal support from Menekse in the form of monthly Q&A sessions, mentoring groups, and more. As the community grows, 1-1s become much more difficult to provide free of charge, but Menekse makes herself as accessible as possible to the community when it comes to support and encouragement and is happy to share her years of creative business and marketing experience to help you grow your business.

The Cheerfully Given community is so supportive and you can see everyone's heart to use their God-given gifts and individual stories to impact others for His glory. Cheerfully Given has definitely played an integral role in my growth as a Christian business woman.

What does it cost?

What's included

  • Unlimited listings
  • Subsidised product photography
  • Social media promotions, including paid advertising
  • SEO and Pinterest marketing for your CG shop
  • Access to training in the Cheerfully Given Seller Portal
  • Access to the Seller Community for day-to-day support and encouragement

Commission on sales

We charge 20% commission on sales made through the site, and our payment processor, Stripe (similar to PayPal) charges a small payment processing fee.

We charge this commission to cover the cost of things like running and developing the website, marketing (we spend at least half of everything we earn in commission on marketing), and providing you with support behind-the-scenes (e.g. researching new trends, suppliers, and more). 

Other prominent UK marketplaces charge 25-35% commission plus VAT, so we are glad to be able to provide an affordable and comprehensive service to creative business owners who are looking to expand their sales channels.

We are committed to investing in you 

We are committed to using this commission to help you grow your business, whether that's through increasing sales or through support, training, and events to help you develop your skills and network as a business-person. 

We are always reinvesting in our technology and marketing, and we are committed to investing our time and resources to supporting you as you grow.

We want to invest in you, we believe in you, and we want to equip you as you use your creativity to bring truth and beauty into the world! 

Since joining, I have learnt so much from Menekse and the rest of the Cheerfully Given sellers. It is so nice to be a part of something with other Christian artists - the community and support at Cheerfully Given is amazing!

Our commitment

We want to serve you in your creative calling, and we are committed to supporting you in any way we can. 

The words of 1 Peter 4:10 inspire our community to work together as the body of Christ: "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms."

Our heart and passion is to share Jesus, and we know that artists and designers can do this in such a powerful way. We know how liberating it can be to know that sales are coming in, and you can focus on being creative and dreaming up new ways to delight people, create conversations, and ultimately point people to Jesus.

Our commitment is to support you, to share you, to pray for you, to encourage you, and to provide you with a community of people who will be there for you through all the ups and downs of running your own business.

We all fall short of the mark sometimes, but we exist in a state of grace and are committed to showing that grace, committed loving one another and bearing with one another, and being faithful to our calling as members of Christ's body in the world.

Community is so under-rated. Joining Cheerfully Given has not only provided me with the opportunity to expand my business to another marketplace, but has given me a community that provides encouragement & support. Having other creatives rejoice with you and cry with you because they understand the joys and pains of running a small business is amazing!

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are fairly standard, but here are the notable points: 

  • We charge 20% commission (points 21 and 22), which is taken from the product price you enter into Cheerfully Given. We do not charge commission on shipping. There is a small payment processing fee from our payment processor, Stripe. Your sales are paid automatically into your bank account (via Stripe) within 5 working days. 
  • We have an exclusivity clause (point 10), which relates to other UK Christian gift websites. We exist in a niche market, and we work hard to create a community of unique and wonderful businesses. There is a more detailed explanation of this in the FAQ section, but it only applies to UK Christian gift websites. 
  • We have a lifestyle clause (mainly points 8 and 9), because we are a Christian platform of people with a sphere of influence, and we want to use that influence to share Jesus in the world. We are not the lifestyle police, but we believe in accountability and the authority of our local church leaders, and we want to live a life worthy of our calling as proclaimers of truth and beauty. 

Terms and Conditions


1. By creating a storefront and selling products through the Cheerfully Given Ltd website, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions of sale.

2. Cheerfully Given Ltd provides a website upon which sellers have a storefront for an agreed selection of their Christian-themed products, giving them the opportunity to offer their products directly to Cheerfully Given Ltd customers. As part of this service, Cheerfully Given Ltd is committed to providing marketing and business development support for sellers and their businesses as far as is reasonably practicable in terms of resources. Terms and conditions for sales through exhibition stands and the subscription box are separate and distinct from these terms and conditions, which pertain directly to the seller’s membership of the Cheerfully Given Ltd website.

3. Cheerfully Given Ltd is committed to working with a spirit of generosity with its time, resources, energy, and support. Every possible avenue will be pursued for marketing and promoting sellers, including attendance at as many of the larger Christian conferences and exhibitions as possible.

4. Cheerfully Given Ltd is committed to providing a website service with reasonable skill and care, restoring faults as soon as reasonably practicable. Cheerfully Given Ltd is committed to excellence and improvement in its systems, services and processes.

5. Sellers agree to ensure that their software and hardware is up-to-date, with up-to-date protection against viruses and malware. Sellers agree to ensure that, as far as they are able, all information submitted to Cheerfully Given Ltd is free from viruses and malware. Sellers also agree to inform their Cheerfully Given Ltd contact if they notice any suspicious activity.

6. Cheerfully Given Ltd has absolute discretion as to the website’s aesthetic and content, and reserves the right to request changes to content that has been uploaded. Cheerfully Given Ltd reserves the right to remove any products that do not fit in with the website’s aesthetic, or which go against Cheerfully Given Ltd’s Statement of Faith.

7. By joining the Cheerfully Given Seller Community, sellers agree to adhere to the website’s guidelines in presentation both visually and grammatically as far as they are able. Failure to do so may result in the temporary closure of their storefront until issues have been remedied.

8. Sellers agree that their stores will be run in keeping with the way of Jesus and the Christian faith, ensuring it is free from: any false, misleading or inaccurate information; offensive, illegal, obscene, abusive, pornographic, or defamatory content; infringement of privacy or copyright laws; fraudulent activity or the sale of stolen goods.

9. Sellers agree that they will: 

a. Endeavour to reflect the life found in the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed to us in the Holy Bible through the presence and power of His Spirit;

b. Adhere to applicable laws and regulations surrounding ecommerce, distance selling, tax, advertising, data protection, and Trading Standards; and,

c. Build up the reputation and brand of Cheerfully Given Ltd, so far as they are able, as a community of Christ-centred creative businesses.

10. Sellers are encouraged to sell their products through their own websites, Etsy stores, and via wholesale/the high street. Sellers should not, however, sell through any other UK- based website which derives more than 20% of its business from the sale of Christian gift, stationery, and homeware items, or through any third parties who sell at Christian exhibitions and who derive more than 20% of their business through the sale of Christian gift, stationery, and homeware items. Breach of this clause is material and will result in the immediate suspension of the seller’s Cheerfully Given Ltd storefront.

11. Should a customer order a personalised product from a seller, the seller is encouraged to get proofs approved by the customer prior to final production and dispatch. Sellers must clearly state on the listing if an order is non-cancellable or non-returnable.

12. Sellers must clearly display estimated dispatch times along with shipping costs. Pricing must be inclusive of taxes, and sellers are responsible for ensuring they comply with any relevant VAT and other tax laws.

13. Products must be listed in their relevant categories. Cheerfully Given Ltd has absolute discretion to amend a product’s categories if it is deemed necessary.

14. It is not permitted for the same product or design to be sold by multiple sellers.

15. Applicable laws and regulations must be adhered to with warning labels and instructions included as relevant. Cheerfully Given Ltd bears no responsibility for the failure of a seller to do the necessary testing of a product and no liability for any accident or incident that occurs as a result of a product sold on Cheerfully Given Ltd’s website.

16. While orders should generate an automatic email notification, there is no guarantee that these will be received and sellers are encouraged to check their Cheerfully Given Seller Dashboard daily.

17. Sellers are expected to fulfil orders as soon as is reasonably practicable, and within the timelines advertised on the product listing. The seller acknowledges that Cheerfully Given Ltd is not responsible for the performance of any contract of sale between the seller and the customer.

18. Branded materials such as thank you postcards and stickers may be provided for sellers to include in Cheerfully Given Ltd orders. It is important that packaging is done to a high standard and parcels should not contain excess marketing materials. We ask that you do not encourage customers away from the Cheerfully Given marketplace.

19. When communicating with Cheerfully Given Ltd customers about any order, it is important that the seller refers to Cheerfully Given Ltd and includes the relevant order number. Cheerfully Given Ltd customers should only be contacted with regard to their order and should not be the recipients of any non-related, unsolicited email or other communication.

20. Sellers should not keep the personal details of any Cheerfully Given Ltd customers on file for any longer than necessary. Breach of this clause may be in breach of EU and UK data protection and privacy laws and could result in customers taking legal action against the seller.

21. Items sold through the Cheerfully Given Ltd website are subject to 20% commission on the before-shipping price of each product sold.

22. Payments are processed using Stripe. Stripe is a third-party payment processing platform and charges a small fee for each transaction, which will be charged on top of your commission fee. When a customer purchases a product, the payment will go directly into your Stripe account as follows: product price + shipping – 20% commission – Stripe fee.

23. Cheerfully Given Ltd is a community of Christian sellers who are seeking to encourage and build up the church with Christ-centred designs. For this reason, should a seller’s behaviour and conduct become a concern, Cheerfully Given Ltd reserves the right to suspend the seller’s storefront.

24. Sellers may use the Cheerfully Given Ltd logo and branding to promote their Cheerfully Given storefront.

25. Sellers must give their express written consent before being included in any Cheerfully Given Ltd promotion which offers a monetary discount to customers.

26. The seller understands that the information to which they have access regarding Cheerfully Given Ltd’s day-to-day business dealings is privileged and confidential. The seller agrees not to use any of this information outside of its intended purpose and agrees not to disclose any of this information to any third party. This does not apply to any information which is currently, or if/when in future becomes, public knowledge.

27. The seller acknowledges that they are a separate legal entity to Cheerfully Given Ltd and that Cheerfully Given Ltd is not liable for any of the seller’s financial dealings or decisions.

28. By joining the Cheerfully Given website as part of the seller community, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. 

I've learnt lots since joining CG, it's helped to shape my brand and I really enjoy being part of a wider team whose number one goal is to share the gospel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship my products?

No, we're a marketplace website (similar to Etsy), so you are responsible for listing, managing, and shipping your products. 

Why do you charge 20% commission? 

We charge 20% commission to cover the cost of things like running and developing the website, marketing (we spend at least half of everything we earn in commission on marketing), and providing you with support behind-the-scenes (e.g. researching new trends, suppliers, and more). 

Other prominent UK marketplaces charge 25-35% commission plus VAT, so we are glad to be able to provide an affordable and comprehensive service to creative business owners who are looking to expand their sales channels.

How do payments work? 

Our payment processor, Stripe, automatically deducts Cheerfully Given's 20% and sends you the remaining 80% plus shipping minus payment processing fee within 5 business days of the customer placing the payment. It's all automated, so you will need to set up a Stripe account in order to make sales, but once you've done that, it's easy peasy!

What is the exclusivity clause for?

The Christian market is very niche.

If you sell on Etsy, Not on the High Street, or Cheerfully Given, you have access to all of their audiences. These businesses use the commission (35% or less) to get more people to your own business's store on their platform, so you may be under their "umbrella", but your business name is there, your branding is obvious, and your products are credited to you. 

When you wholesale to an online business, you sell your products to that business at 50-60% off retail price. They then sell your products at the RRP, pocketing the 50-60% for themselves, but using it to build their own brands and their own websites. They may even be in direct competition with you in search engines, meaning you are out of pocket because they are using the margin from your products to bring customers to their own brand, using things like Google AdWords for instance. Hopefully that makes sense!

Unfortunately we get quite a lot of people setting up similar business models and approaching all of the sellers on Cheerfully Given (literally emailing everyone!). This has happened approximately once every 3-4 months since our Kickstarter campaign, which we do laugh about but which is also tough! We want to protect our intellectual property, as well as all the hard work that has gone into creating this space. We are passionate about providing an affordable space where we use our gifts to serve you, so hopefully this explains the exclusivity clause a bit more. 

A final note: these types of clauses are absolutely normal in businesses, and often certain bricks-and-mortar retailers won't stock brands if they are already stocked in a shop within 5-10 miles of them. Not on the High Street also has an exclusivity clause.

Do you have a statement of faith?

Yes, we do! We are Trinitarian, believing that Jesus is the Image of the Invisible God - through Him we are reconciled to God the Father and filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Outside of Jesus, we cannot know God. Jesus became man, lived a perfect life as the God-man, was crucified, died, and was buried for the sins of humanity. He defeated sin and death by rising from the grave, and became the First of resurrected humanity. 

We live knowing that one day, we will join Him in this resurrection life. We know that He will return to judge the living and the dead, and will renew the whole creation. We look forward to spending all of eternity with Him! 

We live in the power of the Holy Spirit, who makes us more like Jesus, and we trust Him to guide our actions and our conscience. We seek forgiveness when we fall short of the mark. 

We live in community, passionate about the Church - the Bride, the Body of Jesus, and knowing that through this Body, we can share Jesus with those who don't know Him yet. We pray for the salvation and redemption of the world, and we seek justice for the oppressed.

We believe that the Bible is the revelation of Jesus, that in its pages we learn more of Him and grow to be more like Him. We believe in baptism and the Lord's supper, sharing these sacraments with our fellow believers.

Thank you for reading!

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